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Windows 7 on Macbook Pro 15” with Retina Display DPI Settings in VMware Fusion

I made the jump from a 2008 Macbook (Unibody Aluminum) to a Macbook Pro 15” with the Retina display.  As far as the Retina display goes, I can really tell the difference! Everything on the screen seems so much smoother and crisper!

So I fire up my Windows 7 VM to get to work and… woah! everything is pixelated!  Let’s see if there are any settings in Fusion to help me…


However, upon clicking that checkmark, everything becomes super tiny.  Can’t I just get this to work normally?  Scouring the internet I found some mention of being able to set the DPI in Windows 7 in Control Panel, Display.


Click “Set custom text size (DPI)” and you are able to click on the ruler and drag it left and right to increase / decrease the DPI.  I guess you could take out an actual ruler and match up the 1”, but 200% seemed fine for me.


Now log out and log back in (more Windows fun!) and time to get back to work!

VMWare Fusion: Switch from Full Screen to Mac Applications

When Command+Tab switching between my fullscreen Windows session and another Mac application I would be able to switch to VMware fusion, but I would not be able to switch back to the fullscreen session without clicking on the Window menu and selecting my VM.

I should also further clarify that this is a 27” iMac with two external monitors attached.  When running in single monitor mode I was able to switch fine, however when I go into full screen mode with multiple monitors I couldn’t Command+Tab switch back to my Windows VM.

I figured out this behavior is caused by Mission Control in OS 10.8.  To resolve the issue I checked “When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application”.  Voila!  I can now switch between my Mac OS apps and my fullscreen Windows session!