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How to find WWPN assignments on Cisco UCS

Let’s say that you have a new UCS that you need have configured and now you need to get the WWPNs from it so you can zone your fibre channel switch. What’s the command you say? Well, you could try something like:

UCS-A# scope \org
UCS-A /org # show wwn-pool VDI_WWPN expand

This will spit out each WWPN, the service profile, and vHBA that it is assigned to.

Configure FC Storage port on UCS

Today we received a Violin Memory 3140 Flash Memory Array in our lab for testing. This device is basically a SAN made out of flash memory and is said to be capable of 200,000 IOPS.

It uses Fibre Channel as the storage protocol (it can also do iSCSI) and the only Fibre ports we have in our lab are on our UCS Fabric Interconnect. I thought that this would be no problem since Cisco released Firmware 1.4 for the fabric interconnects which allows direct connection of Fibre Channel devices to the Fabric Interconnect. I connected the cables changed the port type to “Configure as FC Storage Port”… the ports changed immediately to Administrative Down. After searching for a couple hours to find the procedure to enable direct connection of the fibre channel devices I finally found it on this blog. The Fabric Interconnect needs to be set to “FC Switching Mode” and “Enable Default Zoning” needs to be selected on the VSAN that is configured for the FC ports.