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VMware View Composer: The database specified is not supported by [ProductName].

Deploying another View Pod in our infrastructure I installed View Composer.  The other Pods used SQL Server 2012 so I created the databases and ODBC connections.  After specifying the ODBC connection I received the error The database specified is not supported by [ProductName].


It appears that this error is caused by the SQL ODBC driver.  I installed the SQL Management tools from SQL Server 2008 and changed the SQL driver to the SQL Server 2008 version (SQL Server Native Drivers v10) and recreated the ODBC connection.



Yay! The install continues!


Windows 7 on Macbook Pro 15” with Retina Display DPI Settings in VMware Fusion

I made the jump from a 2008 Macbook (Unibody Aluminum) to a Macbook Pro 15” with the Retina display.  As far as the Retina display goes, I can really tell the difference! Everything on the screen seems so much smoother and crisper!

So I fire up my Windows 7 VM to get to work and… woah! everything is pixelated!  Let’s see if there are any settings in Fusion to help me…


However, upon clicking that checkmark, everything becomes super tiny.  Can’t I just get this to work normally?  Scouring the internet I found some mention of being able to set the DPI in Windows 7 in Control Panel, Display.


Click “Set custom text size (DPI)” and you are able to click on the ruler and drag it left and right to increase / decrease the DPI.  I guess you could take out an actual ruler and match up the 1”, but 200% seemed fine for me.


Now log out and log back in (more Windows fun!) and time to get back to work!

VMWare Fusion: Switch from Full Screen to Mac Applications

When Command+Tab switching between my fullscreen Windows session and another Mac application I would be able to switch to VMware fusion, but I would not be able to switch back to the fullscreen session without clicking on the Window menu and selecting my VM.

I should also further clarify that this is a 27” iMac with two external monitors attached.  When running in single monitor mode I was able to switch fine, however when I go into full screen mode with multiple monitors I couldn’t Command+Tab switch back to my Windows VM.

I figured out this behavior is caused by Mission Control in OS 10.8.  To resolve the issue I checked “When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application”.  Voila!  I can now switch between my Mac OS apps and my fullscreen Windows session!


VMworld 2011


I returned from VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas a couple days ago. What a great conference! So much useful information. The key information for me was learning that there are PCoIP Zero Clients currently available for purchase that have an SFP port so you can use a fiber SFP. The particular model pictured below is the Leadtek Winfast VP200.